How to Buy Crypto Coins in Canada

Crypto-coin stores are popping up across Canada, and one of the best is

It offers everything from coin swaps to cryptos like Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The site also sells coins for $1, $10, and $500.

CryptoCoINS offers Canadian customers the chance to purchase their cryptocurrency on the site, which is what happened to me.

I paid $1.29 for a single coin.

It was a nice coin, but I could have easily spent more.

After that, the site said it would refund me the amount spent.

I was disappointed that the money was gone.

I think CryptoCoints staff should have explained this to me sooner, because they are so good.

I bought a coin in the site’s Canadian section, but the money went to another user.

I contacted CryptoCoint to see what was happening.

They were more than willing to send me a refund.

It turns out they were just sending a refund for another user who had purchased the coin with a different wallet.

The second user didn’t have a Canadian address, and had never registered the site before.

They didn’t even know they were on the website. was hacked and the site crashed.

It seems the staff didn’t get the memo.

They took the coin off the site and didn’t notify the site owner.

CryptoCoupons is a similar service, but its a bit more technical.

You use your smartphone to scan QR codes and enter a credit card number.

Once the payment has been confirmed, the card is deducted and the coins are sent to your address.

It’s very similar to the CryptoCoIns website, but for Canadians.

CryptoPowers offers a different service, though the site seems to be a bit harder to navigate.

The company offers different coins, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more.

The coins can be exchanged for cash or used for online shopping.

You can buy Bitcoins for $10 or Litecoins for $50.

CryptoPoins is another cryptocurrency exchange, and it’s easy to find coins to trade.

You only need to scan a QR code.

Once you’re done, you can trade coins with others.

CryptoKarma, on the other hand, is an online store.

The website is simple and has lots of cool features like coupons and offers.

CryptoPoints offers a nice site for cryptocurrency trading, but it’s a bit difficult to navigate, since it has a lot of different currency pairs.

It also has a weird transaction history.

The coin’s current value is displayed, and the user can check for trades.

There are no options to trade currencies other than Bitcoin and Ether.

I’m glad I went with CryptoPoints, because it seemed to work.

CryptoRoutes is another Canadian coin exchange.

It has some cool features and a cool user interface, like sending crypto to anyone in Canada.

CryptoShops offers a great selection of coins, and you can find coins for a fraction of what CryptoCoinos offers.

The Canadian site was hacked recently, and I received a refund, but they told me that they’re working on it.

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