How to buy crypto merchandise online using bitcoin, ether and other digital currencies

If you’re looking for crypto-store or crypto merchandise, you can’t do it without Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to an interview with the co-founder of a bitcoin-focused crypto store.

The bitcoin-loving co-founders of the crypto store are calling on the cryptocurrency community to embrace bitcoin and Ethereum to make the store a successful business.

“We’re really trying to be a bit more progressive and welcoming with all the new technologies that are popping up,” Matt Beddoes, the cofounder of the store, told Forbes.

“We’re hoping to become the biggest crypto store in the world.”

“We have no idea what is going to happen with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” he added.

“But we know there is a lot of hype and interest around the blockchain, and I think that is great.”

Matt Beddoe, the CoFounder of the Bitcoin Store, explains the crypto community needs to embrace Bitcoin and Ether to make it a successful crypto store store.

Read MoreThe bitcoin store is located in a former coffee shop in the South Bay, California, and sells an array of merchandise including toys, art and furniture, but the store’s current focus is bitcoin, which it sells for $10 a bitcoin and is being mined and used to purchase goods, according a website that the cofounders started in September.

It was only a few months ago that the store was selling $10 worth of bitcoin to customers at a time when the price of bitcoin was $11,000 a coin.

Beddes told Forbes he plans to continue selling bitcoin, but has made it easier to buy goods online by giving people the option to buy items with the digital currency.

The store was initially founded by Bedds and a couple of friends after they heard about the rise of the bitcoin craze and how its gaining traction.

The Bitcoin Store has been a part of the South bay community for several years.

The cofoundors decided to start the store after hearing about how the digital money had been making its way to people’s homes.

“I thought that was great, and it was nice to see that people were taking bitcoin seriously,” said Beddies.

“It was just kind of a way for us to try to bridge that gap, and see if we could bring more awareness to bitcoin.”

The store also features a bitcoin wallet, which enables customers to purchase items with their bitcoin, or Ether.

The store also offers a free Bitcoin Store app for iOS and Android phones that allows customers to access bitcoin for free.

It is unclear how many customers the store has, but Beddys said it has sold $3,000 worth of merchandise.

He said he hopes to expand into other areas.

“There are tons of cool things going on, so I think it’s really good for the bitcoin community to keep pushing the envelope,” he said.

“The way we’re going about it is that we’re doing a couple different things with it.

We’re giving the customer a choice, and we’re also allowing them to use our app to buy things with bitcoin.”

Matt, a married father of two, is currently unemployed, but said he will be open to working on another project after his bitcoin stash is exhausted.

“If you look at the growth of bitcoin, we have this massive opportunity right now, but we have to have this space and we have a ton of options, and so I’m willing to give that space to other people,” he told Forbes, adding that he would like to grow the store to have “over 200 vendors.”

The Bitcoin store has raised $1.7 million from a $10,000 seed round from investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Start Capital.

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