When crypto billionaire store opens in Montreal

Montréal-based crypto billionaire chain Crypto Store Directory has announced plans to open a new store in Montreal.

Key points:The store will open in the space formerly occupied by the Montréalta Bitcoin Exchange, a store that launched in 2015 with plans to sell the cryptocurrency for $10,000 in 2018″The idea for Crypto Store Montreal is to expand on the Montreal Bitcoin Exchange and to make crypto stores in Canada more accessible to the broader Canadian Bitcoin community,” the company said in a statement.

“We want to make sure that Crypto Store Montréale is accessible to everyone.”

According to the company, Crypto Store will have “a very large selection of crypto accessories and crypto products for the crypto enthusiast”.

The store’s website features a video announcing its plans, with the video showing a variety of crypto products including a wallet and a video player.

“The store is designed to offer a full range of crypto hardware and accessories to the crypto enthusiasts, with a wide selection of accessories,” the website says.

“If you’re new to the space, you’ll find the complete range of products for all your crypto needs.”

The company’s website lists three locations, one in Montreal, one across the street from the Canadian dollar exchange, and another in Toronto.

A spokesperson for the store told ABC News it would be “in line” with the company’s mission to promote and support crypto.

The store said it will open its doors in the first quarter of 2021. 

The store has a small staff, with two staff members currently on the property.

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