When is your crypto stash safe?

When is the next bitcoin-denominated sale?

A cryptocurrency exchange has recently suspended trading due to an exchange shutdown due to a breach of security.

In a statement posted on the Cryptsy site, the exchange said that “the exchange has been temporarily shut down due to security issues.

Due to ongoing security issues, the crypto-currency market has been suspended temporarily.”

It did not provide any further details.

However, the news of the suspension, which was first reported by Bitcoin Magazine, prompted a Twitter thread that included comments from users upset about the exchange’s actions.

“It’s been months since Cryptsy suspended trading, why was the exchange shutting down after this week?” one user wrote.

“Why would a cryptocurrency exchange suddenly shut down?

Are there people that actually care?”

Another added: “This is a complete rip off of what is expected from Cryptsy.

What happened is that the exchange was hacked and it was discovered that they had a stolen wallet.

This is an absolute rip off.”

Cryptsy did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The suspension is the latest in a string of incidents involving cryptocurrencies in recent months, with the largest recent incident being the recent loss of nearly $300,000 in digital currency.

In June, the U.K.-based exchange halted trading after it received an “explosive” attack.

Last month, Coinbase lost $9.4 million worth of digital currencies, while earlier this month, Bitfinex was hacked in a similar manner.

Last week, CoinMarketCap reported that the largest cryptocurrency exchange, BitStamp, was shut down for a day, after it was hacked for several days.

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